Katerina and Anna - Paraty Nature Lingerie

Paraty Nature Lingerie is the creation of two friends from Greece, Anna & Katerina. The brand name was inspired by the location ‘Paraty’, one of the beautiful places in Brazil, which since 2019 has been included in Unesco’s World Heritage Sites. Also, the word “Para ti” which means “for you” in the spanish language The idea was conceived from Anna’s & Katerina’s need for comfortable, health ensuring lingerie, yet at the same time, impressively elegant. Each collection is developed by a Greek designers. All products are 100% Greek and the lace in the Romantic collection is from France.

They came to AFI to find the necessary start-up capital to purchase raw materials and create samples of their final products before they hit the market. As well as for the mentoring services they received, that assisted them in the initial guidance and planning of the business plan.