Epikouros KOIN.S.EP

Eight dynamic women managed to realize their vision of equal opportunities for all. The Social Cooperative Company “Epikouros” has opened the door of the social café/ grocery that they created in Samos and justifies the “Social” in “Social cooperative”.

The team behind the Social Cooperative Company “Epikouros” came to AFI with a specific plan. Their vision of equal opportunities for all focuses on social educational, creative and artistic activities for the support of the youth, based on the wisdom of the elders. They has already began working of the preparation of their café, but their lack of the necessary funds was holding them back. AFI was next to them at the right moment. Not only did they gain access to necessary funding, but also necessary advice and support in the financial aspects of their business development. The Social Café/ grocery is opening its doors filled with hope and dreams.

Great job girls! We wish you the best of luck!