Vasilis - Butcher

When he was young, Vasilis worked in his family’s farm and helped in the breeding of rabbits. He later became certified as a butcher and started envisioning a business path of his own. Eventually, and after developing a good understanding of market dynamics trough his business involvement and interaction with suppliers, he decided to open his own business in Porto Rafti. Vasili, we wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor!

Vasilis is a butcher located in Athens who approached Afi in order to share and discuss his aspirations to open his own enterprise. Having grown up in a family that owns a farm that breeds rabbits, Vasilis kept developing his interest and evolving his business acumen until he decided to pursue his own business plans. When in this crossroad, he came to AFI, who helped him gain access to financing and provided the necessary guidance in the early stages of setting up his business.