How we work
  • AFI τι κάνουμε για εσάς: πρόσβαση σε χρηματοδότηση και προσωποποιημένη συμβουλευτική


Funding up to €12.500
Repayment up to 48 months
Grace period
up to 6 months
Annual interest rate 7,47%*
(variable based on Euribor)
Guarantor for the 50% and up to €3.000
4% solidarity donation upon loan disbursement

Possible Examples of Funding

Δάνειο για ανανέωση στοκ - κεφάλαιο κίνησης

Stock Renewal

  • Loan Amount: 4.000€
  • Repayment period: 18 months
  • Grace period: 2 months
  • Monthly installment: 264€
  • Total interest: 284€

Παραδείγματα επιχειρήσεων που έχουν χρηματοδοτηθεί από AFI

Marketing & Promotion

  • Loan Amount: 6.000€
  • Repayment period: 36 months
  • Grace period: 3 months
  • Monthly installment: 203€
  • Total interest: 824€

Χρήση του δανείου για αγορά σπόρων και πρώτων υλών ως κεφάλαιο κίνησης

Purchase of seeds

  • Loan Amount: 3.000€
  • Repayment period: 20 months
  • Grace period: 3 months
  • Monthly installment: 187€
  • Total interest: 243€

Η μικροπίστωση από την AFI παρέχεται με περίοδο χάριτος και ευνοϊκούς όρους

Purchase of equipment

  • Loan Amount: 10.000€
  • Repayment period: 48 months
  • Grace period: 6 months
  • Monthly installment: 274€
  • Total interest: 1898€

Training & Consulting

Prior to the disbursement of the microloan, we offer FREE-of-charge support for the preparation of a 3-year profit & loss statement (P&L) and a cash-flow analysis. At the same time, we offer the following trainings, which are open to all, subject to availability:

Συμβουλές από την AFI για ξεκίνημα νέας επιχείρησης

Get Started

Let’s get started! Basic information on how to open your business. A 2 to 3 hours workshop with other fellow new entrepreneurs with a view to highlight the most common pitfalls and mistakes made during the first entrepreneurial steps. This training also covers material on the different types of legal entities and their basic characteristics, as well as on basic marketing and finance tips.

Σύνταξη επιχειρηματικής πρότασης με την συμβολή της AFI

Business plan / Business Model Canvas

Do you have a business idea, but do not know how to turn it into a viable business proposition? This gap can be bridged by the “Osterwalder Business Model Canvas”. By mapping all the elements of a business on a canvas, we organize them in 4 basic categories: Value Proposition, Client, Infrastructure and Profit Equation. This mapping makes it easier for an idea to become a plan.

Συμβουλευτική από την AFI στην πρόβλεψη πωλήσεων και στις ταμειακές ροές

3-year Profit & Loss projection and Cash flow analysis

Provision of the basic tools on how to approach your sales projections. Training on the preparation of the Profit & Loss statement and the Cash flow statement, two extremely useful tools for every entrepreneur.

Η AFI εκπαιδεύει για καλύτερη διαχείριση των χρημάτων σας

My money and me:

Simple pieces of advice for better money management: how can you save money, what is a cash flow, how can you prepare a budget and how do I make sure I will meet my liquidity obligations? Along with advice on these questions, we also discuss how to maintain a good relationship with the bank, how to calculate your repayment capacity in order not to become overindebted.

Κεφάλαιο κίνησης από AFI για marketing και προώθηση

Marketing and promotion:

Marketing specialists advise you on the best way to promote your product or service. We will bring you in contact with one of our mentors/volunteers who will help you develop a promotion plan of your products/services so that your effort can be a success.

Mentoring και προσαρμοσμένη υποστήριξη από την AFI

After the microloan disbursement, AFI provides mentoring and customized support according to the needs of each entrepreneur up to the full repayment of the loan. Each beneficiary may have more than one mentor at some times, in varied specialties, depending on the training needs. The meetings take place in our offices at a frequency which depends on the individual needs of the entrepreneur.

AFI mentors come from various backgrounds and have experience in many different verticals and industries, in order to be able to cover a wide range of mentoring needs. Many of them are at a CxO level and have had international careers, others are current or ex-entrepreneurs, specialists in various areas, such as sales, online marketing, accounting, e-commerce, UX/UI, licensing, law and many others.

Loan Application Steps