Action Finance Initiative (AFI) is a civil non-profitable company, operating in Greece since 2014, and founded by ActionAid Hellas and ADIE, a French microcredit institution with over 25 years of experience. Currently its main activities are: Provide access to micro-loans up to € 12,500 to its target population, mainly the unemployed and micro-entrepreneurs, who are excluded from the mainstream banking system, Support entrepreneurs before, during and after the creation of their enterprise in order to ensure its sustainability and development, Advocate for a more suitable fiscal and institutional environment for microcredit and entrepreneurship to flourish. In light of a forthcoming new legal framework that will formally establish and regulate microfinance for the first time in Greece, AFI needs to assess the market size, to segment the market, to identify its target groups, and its needs for financial and non-financial microfinance products, to propose a new product line, to recommend a business model and to prepare a financial plan to depict its capital needs and sustainability. Given that the new law will come into effect most probably till 2020, AFI opened this call for expression in order to prepare itself for the imminent changes. The purpose of this call is to investigate, assess and design the financial and structural position and offering of AFI in the next 3 years

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Cooperation Eurobank – AFI for the provision of microloans


The cooperation of Eurobank with AFI aims, by strengthening the self-condidence, the trust and the solidarity, to help very small enterprises, vulnerable social groups and freelancers that don’t have easy access to banking loans, so that they can either create their own job position or establish their own enterprise creating at the same time new job positions.

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Woman Entrepreneurship in 1'


How can you inspire 100 women with speech of duration of 1’? AFI accepted the honorary invitation and presented at the 1st HubDot event of Athens the microfinance in Greece. Read the speech in English…

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Profitability of microloans in France


Adie was funded in 1989 and its inspiration was the “Bank of the Poor” which was developed in the developing countries in the 1970s, and more specifically the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. In order for it to be really effective, the right to economic initiative requires the access to capital and the removal of any administrative restrictions for the creation of self-employment.

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